Monday, June 6, 2011

Healthcare tech and HealthOnDeck get a boost

Excitement is afoot in the healthcare technology sector. This year is bringing unprecedented opportunity for startups to connect with resources, both clinical expertise and seed funding, and new health app incubators are emerging with much fanfare.

Take for instance Rock Health in San Francisco, which was announced in April and deluged with nearly 400 applications.

As quoted in Healthcare IT News "Surge of Talent to Health Apps":
"The brilliance of Rock Health is that, for the first time, a surge of talent is flowing into health apps – the same brainy, bold, blue-sky entrepreneurs who brought about Web 2.0"
- Patrick Chung, partner at NEA (Rock Health investor)
The finalists have been announced and we are pleased to announce that HealthOnDeck has been chosen as one of the 20 member startups to kick it off in June. Rock Health benefits include interfacing with qualified partners (hospitals such as Mayo Clinic, healthcare corporations and VC) and the company of like-minded entrepreneurs with closely aligned interests. Very significant components for acceleration in the healthcare market.

Tech incubators have flourished over the past several years - one in particular, The Founder Institute gave rise to HealthOnDeck. However, concerted healthcare tech innovation is a fairly new phenomenon and one that is apparently catching on like wildfire. In the spirit of Rock Health, Chicago is about to have its own health tech accelerator called Healthbox towards the end of this year. Blueprint Health, a health and wellness tech incubator located in New York City, has already started producing a summit series, the first of which took place last month in Philadelphia, that allow selected healthcare tech entrepreneurs to "speed-date" with healthcare organizations looking to buy. Chilmark Research's John Moore recounts the event on his blog and that at least one deal was forged during the event. Blueprint will be rolling out the summit to the West Coast in fall and HealthOnDeck is intent on being there!

In the meantime, much progress has been made in the Founder Institute and more is to be expected as HealthOnDeck pursues opportunities afforded by Rock Health, so stay tuned for further developments!

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